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Works relating to prostheses to be placed on implants
Metal-free Zircon Zahn
Valplast System (Flexible Prostheses)
One sided precise holders
Metallic Crown Bridge Prostheses
Precise holders
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Multipurpose Private Gebze Dental Prosthesis Laboratory has made providing best and fastest services for you, our valued dentists, a basic principle by using latest technology in all areas of rigid and removable prostheses along with high-quality material and labor work and its experienced staff, each is an expert in the relevant area.

Metallic and metal-free crowns and bridges, laminate, inlay, onlay, total, partial, classical and modern prostheses, precise holders, orthodontic apparatuses, night and whitening plaques and more are produced in our laboratory by skilled hands with a wide-range staff.

Today, you, our valued dentists, appreciate that your cooperation with us with team sprit and harmony is essential in achieving best results satisfying both of dentists and patients in construction of today’s fast and ever-growing and changing cosmetic and functional prostheses in all dental phases performed from crown cut, precise measuring, model preparation diligently to precise sub- and super-structure works, from fitting test to completion of a prosthesis.

We look forward hearing from you for more information and recommendations.

We hope that we will meet and complete higher quality, more permanent and more successful works together...
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