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Metal-free Zircon Zahn

Zircon, a developed full ceramic material, allows restorations with high stability. While the use of zircon was restricted with single crown and 3-component bridges, today, it allows 14-component mono-block restorations with developed high stability. Zirconium dioxide doped with yttrium (hardened to be ready for milling) is pre-sintered and it is ready for milling. The restoration higher in volume by 25% returns to its original size in sintering furnace at approximately 1500 degree C. Meanwhile, durability achieves maximum level. This equals to the bending coefficient of approximately 1200 mpa. Zircon material may be colored by dipping method according to 16-Vita color range before sintering and dyers are penetrated at a depth of 0.2 mm during sintering. Because penetration depth of 0.2 mm is equal on each zone, joints do not weaken and the required stability is maintained. A specifically developed milling system is employed in zircon restorations. This system allows all types of preparations easily (bıçak sırtı, epolman, shampfer). Milling is very easy including non-parallel cuts due to high mobility of the machine on 5 axes. All types of abutments inlay and inlay bridges may be constructed.



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