Multipurpose Private Gebze Dental Prosthesis Laboratory

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Works relating to prostheses to be placed on implants
Metal-free Zircon Zahn
Valplast System (Flexible Prostheses)
One sided precise holders
Metallic Crown Bridge Prostheses
Precise holders
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Mission and Vision

Our Mission;

Çok Amaçlı Özel Gebze Diş Protez Labaratuvarının misyonu;
Mission of Multipurpose Private Gebze Dental Prosthesis Laboratory: It is to provide best services related to dental prostheses for the society with the help of a perfect technical substructure and personnel having superior qualifications and caring human being in cooperation with dentists with the best prices not focusing on only the profit. The aim is to provide medical services for people according to general health policy in Turkey, to conduct technical and scientific studies relating to dental prosthesis services and to support medical scientific studies.

Our Vision;
To grow by maintaining satisfaction of patients and their relatives as well as of dentists, who offer services, and of those provided with services, while keeping the fact of boutique services in medical sector. It is to help patients in need as long as the existing facilities allow and never sacrifice quality by managing cost and efficiency effectively.

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